homemade yogurt without buying any new gadgets


I think I may have loved really high quality yogurt forever ( I may be making that up). In the early 80′s I purchased one of those fancy incubators with the little separate cups. I tried to recreate a delicious memory of eating full fat yogurt with natural fruit in the basement of Eaton’s in Vancouver.  I recall making it a few times, but I must have been bored and disappointed and found the contraption a nuisance in my cupboard. I reverted back to my more urgent practical pursuit of  creating an infinite number of variations around hamburger/ cream soup into every meal….but that’s another story.

On the yogurt trail,  I descended into a terrible detour into grocery store non fat, fake  concoctions that were as tasteless as some of the fashions and hairstyles I sported during that period.

In the mid 90′s, I finally fulfilled my dream of setting foot on  European soil and discovered REAL YOGURT!  It was of course impossible to find in grocery stores at home. A few years later I discovered you could pick up GREEK Yogurt at the deli’s in my neighborhood. It was pricey though and I didn’t treat myself or my family often.

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Well, happily it’s a new era. Greek Yogurt or just good natural unprocessed yogurt is all the rage now.

That brings me to my current experiment.

I found 2 great tutorials online and have merged the 2 together.



I decided to try my old yard sale crock pot ( the kitchen appliance that holds many unfulfilled dreams in my house) . I heated up some milk , measured the temp with my meat thermometer and I am heading off for the day.  Oh yes, I also threw a couple of T of Balkan yogurt and powdered milk into the batch .

We shall see tomorrow if I end up poisoning anyone or actually create something edible.

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8 thoughts on “homemade yogurt without buying any new gadgets

  1. I started making yogurt about a year ago! I don’t make it all the time but have done it on a somewhat regular basis. I was shocked that all you needed was to boil milk, stir in a tablespoon of plain yogurt and leave it overnight in a warm place and the next morning you have yogurt! Here is the recipe I use on my pinterest board. :)


    Oh and also a potato recipe that I tried this weekend that is SO good I have to share. :)


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