Ok–First day of my new blog and I am definitely rushing to the kitchen to make these. I am trying to figure out if I can make them without the caramelized sugary layer but that may be for the 2nd go round. i have a bad habit of never actually trying out the original recipe as intended but I will try to turn over a new leaf ( occasionally)


Have you ever tried an Odwalla bar? If so, you will find that these particular choco banana nature bars kind of resemble their taste and texture: kind of chewy and with a lot of substance, and all natural of course.

And where could you take one of these chewy choco banana nature bars? The park? A drive cross country? I recommend to take more than just one if that’s the case!

It seems that when people seek nature bars, it’s either to help them loose weight and be healthy, or to have a good boost of energy during a journey. And that “journey” could be anything and the destination could be anywhere. How motivating and exciting if you think about it!

Well, I have a whole sheet tray of these nature bars and I’ve been asking my self the same question. On what occasion(s) would it be appropriate to be…

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  1. Terri Lou, I hope you are going to include some of your fab pizza creations. One that pops to mind is pear and proccuito? (might have mis-spelled that!)


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