produce assassin and the monster

OK, I have a confession. My home is where perfectly good produce goes to die. Not death by roasting, steaming, frying, or chewing—but by indifference and neglect. Oh I am not saying all the produce is ignored at my house, but sadly an embarrassingly large percentage of it is.

That brings me to my next confession . I am an avowed foodie and lover of all things fresh and delicious…yet I find it tremendously difficult to actually prepare healthy meals on an every day basis. I have dozens of cookbooks. Beautiful kitchen tools–In fact I have a beautiful kitchen. Give me a crowd of adoring guests and I will happily slice, dice and roast for a week straight in anticipation. It’s the day to day cooking that I seem to be incapable of mustering up the enthusiasm for.  When my girls were young, I could complain that they were too picky and preferred Kraft Dinner or Tater Tot Casserole. The truth is, I never feel like cooking for the everyday crowd. I have developed the habit of over complicating the process. 6 ingredients? Why when you can have 15? Follow a recipe? Why when you can make one up? Plan ahead? Nope. I stock the pantry with staples and fresh food that is on sale or in season. Sounds perfectly sensible. I can even concoct a pretty tasty creation out of bit and pieces in a pinch. The truth is–I want to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t get me wrong. I love vegetables and most fruit. I just love cookies more.


It’s my truth and I am just putting it out there. I am a COOKIE MONSTER. Now is the time to tame my monster and be a kinder, gentler custodian of all the precious produce that is carried into my home and treat it to the grace and dignity it deserves. I am off to hone my chef’s knife and fire up the oven. Image


6 thoughts on “produce assassin and the monster

  1. Love this intro Terri-Lou-Who! I think many can relate to the death-by-neglect-lost-in-the-fridge-behind-too-many-condiments-syndrome. Looking forward to being inspired by your journey to become an advocate for savoring fresh and healthy food on a daily basis…but is there no room for cookies?


    1. I think i need to disown cookies for a while. I briefly tried the COOKIE DIET. Yes there is a cookie diet…but they are not what you and i think of as cookies. If we were in love with Mr Christie they might pass as one, but sadly one can never ever forget what real butter and chocolate tastes like.


    1. OOps–Well I am not sure about TERRO LOU but Terri Lou will be glad to. Just let me know when you are in town next and I will dig some stuff out of the fridge and we will party!! We can invite all your friends over too!


  2. It’s amazing what can be passed on in the gene-pool! I wonder where your love of cookies and your desire to murder fresh veggies comes from……NO – don’t open that fridge door – there’s a biology experiment cooking in there!!!!


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