et voila! pardon my french

This morning I rushed out of bed to check on my new creation. I felt like Dr. Frankenstein. Full of anticipation mixed in with a little dread. I should back up–

Last night I tucked my vat of curdled milk into the fridge in the basement ( too crowded upstairs) after sealing it up with plastic wrap and then the crock pot lid. I had broken so many rules–peeking at it several times, stirring it, fretting about the temp so I turned the dial on the pot up to LOW for a few minutes and then off again , on several occasions.

In any event, it worked!!! It is thicker than I had even hoped for. Quite mild and a bit tangy. I re-read the directions on the yogurt blog and it noted the longer you incubate your creation the thicker it is likely to become. ( I am the type that reads the directions after I have made all the boo-boos first).  Mine stewed for about 10 hours. Next I tried straining it through a cheese cloth. Hmmm. I am going to have to read up on that more. I suspect this process takes more patience than I possess normally. Can’t say I was very successful. (I am the type who never wants to chill the dough before I bake it. ) My motto in life seems to be–If it doesn’t fit, get a hammer and make it work. That actually sounds more violent than I intended, but maybe I should do some therapy around that one.

My friend Gaiti from Pakistan tells me that her mother makes yogurt all the time and uses clay crockery which adds a wonderful flavour.

Next up–to make something other than a smoothy with it. I did add some maple syrup and vanilla to 4 little pots to chill separately. The taste test will come if I can persuade Miss Picky Madeline to try some.

Some recipes to check out:

I am planning on trying to make PINKBERRY STYLE frozen yogurt ( good luck!!!) and some yummy yogurt cupcakes with yogurt frosting.

BTW I was searching for pics on FB and found some more bad hair pics for your pleasure. …Also some yogurt from my current experiment!

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4 thoughts on “et voila! pardon my french

  1. Way to go Terr!! Back when I had home help, my lovely Indian care worker tried to teach me how to make yogurt. However, I think all the oxy codone clouded my listening skills and I messed it up! Where did you get those cute little terra cotta yogurt cups? I have one from Paris and wish i had more. It’s currently holding my precious bacon fat. Preciousssssss!


    1. Those little pots were from France as well. My sister introduced them to me when I spent time with her there. I love them. Yogurt tastes so much better there. I am going to try it again with some cream inserted into the mix and more milk powder…and then I will figure out how to strain it properly.
      My batch does fast good though it is a bit runnier than I would like.


  2. well, thanks so much for sharing what goes into making your own yogurt. It look delicious however I think for me, i will simply keep buying ready made, for now anyhow but thanks for the experience.


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