Easter Monday confessions

The Easter bunny forgot to hide the eggs on Sunday so he stopped by our place this morning sometime after everyone dragged themselves out of bed. Having a 2.5 year old around the house makes most things in life more fun. Eggs hiding out behind silk pillows, lounging on the  doll house sofa or behind teddy bear posterior’s make the hunt extra fun for Ms Madds . For me, it means a multi-generational tradition of deception. I pick up sale priced Valentine’s chocolate and pass it off as Easter Bunny droppings. Ok, I will mix it up with those cheapo foil wrapped eggs just to fool them.  All my kids thought that Halloween Candy came in stockings, Santa Claus showed up for Valentines day and foil wrapped hearts were offerings left by a rabbit. I swear if it were not for post season candy on sale, my kids would have grown up without cavities and I might be 20 pounds lighter.

It seemed fitting that I discovered the remainder of the peanut butter balls that I stuck in the freezer last Christmas– and decided to roll them in the Laura Secord heart I purchased at 75% off last week. They went particularly well with left over coconut cream pie.

In the afternoon, Maddie and I went plant shopping . When confronted with the idea of returning without promised flowers in hand, I decided to purchase a nice flower wind-sock for Maddie to plant out front. She spent the rest of the time pulling stuff out of cupboards, creating masterpieces on her chalk board and rifling through the fridge amongst other things.

The pruned fruit tree branches are now in bloom in the kitchen, and I have to say,  it was a very good day.  The only improvement would involve Easter hunting with James, Mr. Finny and baby Mae. Something to dream about.

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Peanut Butter Balls

Scoop some natural crunch peanut butter in a bowl. Mix in powdered sugar –just enough to make it more pliable for rolling. I like it to be more on the peanut buttery side than the overly sweet camp.

  • Roll into smallish balls. Chill or pop in freezer.
  • Break up left over easter bunny, Santa Claus, or Valentine’s hearts and melt on low temp in microwave. Do not get impatient. stir until fairly cool and less glossy.
  • Make little round finger dots of chocolate spots on parchment or waxed paper.


Dip the cold peanut butter balls in melted chocolate. 2 spoons make it easy. If the chocolate is too hot you will create big wide tu tus ( skirts ) around each chocolate. Looks ugly but tastes good. In fact, that’s what you have to do with the ugly ones…EAT THEM.

Note: Old school chocolatiers will get their hands right in the chocolate and make a cute curly-q on top…and maybe even sprinkle a couple of crushed peanuts while still setting.  I find it too hard to keep from licking my fingers so I opt for spoons.

 Post Note: it is perfectly acceptable to use proper chocolate like Lindt or Callebaut. My sister is the true expert on all things chocolate. I am just a hack. 

4 thoughts on “Easter Monday confessions

  1. thanks for sharing and i have to say after all of these years Michelle my 25 year old still loves to hunt for eggs and this Easter Alex hid them and we both searched for 50 eggs inside and out, it was fun to do as I’m always the bunny that hides them. So now we have a large bowl of chocolate eggs which I don’t want or need to eat, now what….save them for Halloween.


    1. Fun that you still get to do this with Michelle. Our kids def have it good!
      It’s scary how I feel like I have to eat everything in sight so I can finally start healthy eating regime. Trouble is– I never get rid of it all.


      1. I wanted to share, although somewhat late…very much post easter, that the 5 of us were camping this past bunny day at Long Beach in our new Boler and daughters boyfriends VW van…the easter bunny came to the camp site (ie ‘moi’ mom of 16 years) and delivered those lovely cheap tinfoil chocolaty egg delights to our fellow campers…a few dozen hardy camper folk.
        Left a few at the local watering hole, a few amongst tree’s on the way to the beach, a few at the local dish pit…
        To watch grown adults, teens, young adults and children alike rejoice in their morning discovery was a complete joy to the secret depositor… we are never…may I repeat…NEVER to old for cheap chocolate tinfoily rapped easter eggs 🙂
        Thank you for your creative words and joy of laughter


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