PET PEEVE- stinky dishcloths!

There have been times in the recent past while grabbing for the dishcloth I was horrified to find that I was wiping the counter with something akin to a”stinky butt work sock”. Hoping to always avoid this unpleasantness I have employed these techniques:

  • washing the cloth daily (er, maybe every other day)
  • bleaching the cloth regularly ( bad and toxic!)
  • always making sure it is rinsed in HOT HOT WATER and spread to dry completely
  • I have adopted the cotton, granny knitted versions. (I don’t like to depend on disposable cloths, since I try to cut down waste and I indulge in paper towels for really nasty messes like pig’s blood seeping out meat trays, for instance.)

I admit, I have an “uber sensitive” nose, but I am certain I am not the only one who is assaulted by the  stench but curiously I end up being the only one who seems to do anything about it. (strike up the tiny violins)

Here is my ONE NO FAIL trick between washes and can be done several times a day…


and IF IT DOES FAIL, throw the cloth out. Just send it packing to a landfill site somewhere near you.

I take the thoroughly rinsed cloth and soak it with water–then place in the microwave for min 5 min. I might even add more water and have another go at it.

When I remove the cloth–all the cooties are gone. Dead! …and it makes it very easy to wipe down the interior of the microwave at the same time with the steamy hot mess.

Sometimes I add some white vinegar to the whole process, and it makes the microwave even easier to wipe up.

In fact this works so well, that I can wear the cloth on my face!

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I would love to hear some of your KITCHEN TIPS. Send them along. I promise I will try them every legitimate one out ( thought I should give myself some kind of out–just in case there is a tip on how to make pigeon testicles palatable)


4 thoughts on “PET PEEVE- stinky dishcloths!

  1. OMG. The picture of you with the rag on your face is hilarious. I have also had that problem. Instead of bleach just boil the cloth in water for a bit. It’s the olden days version of clean. Also, if you use some cinnamon sticks in the boiling water that will make it nice and fragrant. Vinegar sound good but smells so bad.


    1. Cinnamon!!! yes! I sometimes just boil cinnamon so it gets rid of cooking smells. If you have a microwave, it really does act like boiling the cloth–without the extra step 🙂
      only use WHITE VINEGAR cause the apple cider kind will keep it smelling like an old sock.


  2. I am relieved to know I’m not the only person with a sensitive nose and a certain OCD around stinky wash cloths and sponges! Thanks for the microwave tip, I’ll try that. I prescribe to the regular wash method, and throw out at the first sign of stink. I put scrub brushes through the dishwasher when they look mangy – maybe cloths could go through too?


    1. Hey, the DW method might just work! I have tried the brushes in the DW but the cloth could be good too. I will try that one. I find the microwave instant gratification though and the bonus of making the microwave steamy and extra easy to wipe down all the time is a good one.


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