Moving On?… C’est La Vie

my back is aching and my head hurts when i think too deeply so I am just going with it. In 1 week I will be on a plane to Marseille. My sister will pick me up at the airport and whisk me off to her little piece of paradise in Saignon

Right now, I have to somehow survive the packing and dumping. I think my brain actually skipped over this whole process when i put this plan in gear. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and fear to work through this part. Ugh. I hate it! I have stretched out the fun part as long as I could. Longingly staring at my lovely living room. (This means I have to squint hard to ignore the cluttered shelves and surfaces so I can focus on the light and height of the room.)

Am i excited? Sure …I think so. I’m actually blocking out a ton of dread.  I love this city of T.O.  it’s become home to me and I will be leaving behind neighbours, friends and a beloved daughter and granddaughter…and Gert the Golden Doodle. The city is amazing and diverse and of course the food options are endless.

Hmmm. I am really not sure what is around the next corner. I only know I am trying to embrace the adventure–or at least WILL TRY to embrace it when I can get through the sorting, keeping and dumping of the miscellaneous mess that has been my life so far.

More TK of course!


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