Easy Bake Ovens and Other Foiled Dreams

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First, I am a VERY YOUNG mom (aka the marmster ) of 3 girls.
A VERY YOUNG Grandmother of 2 girls and 3 boys.
I’ve worked for 2 multinational publishers for 20+ years and loved it ( mostly). I’ve also driven a taxi, managed apartment buildings, scrubbed toilets and mopped floors for a living.

As an 8 year old I dreamed of having my very own Kenner’s Easy Bake Oven. I wanted to bake those little tiny cakes under a hot light bulb and have amazing tea parties for my friends in the neighbourhood. Alas my mother ( we had 7 kids) did not see the sense in such a faddish toy. After all she said, you can already bake real cakes in a big oven all by yourself!

English: Father and daughter with early Easy B...
English: Father and daughter with early Easy Bake Oven, which resembled a conventional oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harumph! instead there was a Kenner’s Knitomatic under the tree that year. ( It must have been on sale- love you mom xoxo) and I loved it too, but there was something about that elusive teal green oven with it’s mini cake mixes and candy sprinkles that would forever haunt me and very likely formed a core part of my personality. In fact, I can pretty much spot who amongst my generational peers owned an Easy Bake Oven and who didn’t. ( This is how I prove  I am clairvoyant at cocktail parties)

…So while other kids were learning to dance, swim, ski and play the violin, I was always baking and sewing. For years I thought that I had no talents but I realized as I got older that I was one of the few people who actually still used my skills (talents?) after all these years.


PS: love to hear any comments , suggestions and general rants you can send my way!

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