catching up on last summer…

It’s been another long gap since I last posted. So much has happened and I am intent on drinking it all in and savouring all the details…even the not so fun ones. Packing up the last of my things, throwing out, selling off and handing over my home was far more difficult than I ever imagined,Continue reading “catching up on last summer…”

school dazed

This is DAY 2 of Culinary School . Last fall I applied to the Integrated Learning Program: Culinary Management H116 at George Brown College. Conveniently 10 minutes from my house in downtown Toronto, and ironically next door to my former long time employer’s (Simon and Schuster) newest office digs. I must confess that I amContinue reading “school dazed”

a crafty life…

I love craft fairs. Ever since my mother brought home a melted LP festooned with plastic flowers and sprayed with gold paint, I have been awestruck by the wonder of it all. So many people gathered in one place to hawk their creations of love. For me, I  love the old school grammas who knitContinue reading “a crafty life…”

me and Mark Bittman are peeps

I would like to think so but I flatter myself. He has inspired me for years now. I was delighted to see that my pizza post was right in sync with his NYTimes piece this week. Check out his TED TALK too while you are at it. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING For Chefs at Home,Continue reading “me and Mark Bittman are peeps”

Rouxbe On-line Cooking School from Vancouver

I discovered the ROUXBE site before I started my blog. I love it. Check out the links below and try a free lesson. Knife Skills is a great starter. It’s a brilliant way to bring that little extra confidence around your cooking experience. Would love to hear what you think once you try it out. Also happy toContinue reading “Rouxbe On-line Cooking School from Vancouver”

produce assassin and the monster

OK, I have a confession. My home is where perfectly good produce goes to die. Not death by roasting, steaming, frying, or chewing—but by indifference and neglect. Oh I am not saying all the produce is ignored at my house, but sadly an embarrassingly large percentage of it is. That brings me to my nextContinue reading “produce assassin and the monster”