hump day first week at culinary school

Ok, I admit it. Standing through an entire 3 hour class without leaning, slouching, no hands in pockets and ( WARNING TMI ALERT) oozing buckets of menstrual blood is not my idea of fun. Top it off I had a migraine most of the day; but I still loved my classes and the experience… butContinue reading “hump day first week at culinary school”

me and Mark Bittman are peeps

I would like to think so but I flatter myself. He has inspired me for years now. I was delighted to see that my pizza post was right in sync with his NYTimes piece this week. Check out his TED TALK too while you are at it. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING For Chefs at Home,Continue reading “me and Mark Bittman are peeps”

Terroni Pizza knock-off faster than you can order take-out!

I fell in love with Terroni’s years before I moved to Toronto. The Queen West location was chosen by a beloved couple’s wedding rehearsal family dinner and it was love at first bite! Seriously–If you come to Toronto, you must GO TO TERRONI’S ! Our personal favorite:                 C’t MangContinue reading “Terroni Pizza knock-off faster than you can order take-out!”