Fun Fairs Festivals and Food

Summer is the season when  school fairs, festivals and street markets take over our lives. If the rain stops the fun will begin…

First was Leslieville PS right across the street and then on to WOOF-FEST at St Lawrence market. It’s a great excuse to get to know your neighbours and buy cheap hot dogs and pickles on a stick.  Toronto is a town that moves from one festival to the next, many of them overlapping one other. Traffic gets even worse in the city but it’s a perfect time for everyone to slow down and smell the roses.


The Hidden garden tour in Cabbagetown was the perfect opportunity to sneak a peek at the amazing urban spaces created in this beautiful Victorian Neighbourhood. I love to see how the other half lives and it only cost me $15 to do it. Maddie and Linds spent time at Riverdale Farm while I rubbernecked my way around backyards and charming streetscapes. Every weekend there is something going on and I plan to enjoy all summer long!      

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4 thoughts on “Fun Fairs Festivals and Food

  1. Glad you are back on line Ter. I always look forward to reading your blog. It makes me feel like we live close.
    The garden tour looked amazing. I seem to spend a lot of my time in the dirt. I don’t know what it is about gardening that is so therapeutic.
    Linds is up at cap now . Maybe we will see each other more when she is living with you. Hugs


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