catching up on last summer…

It’s been another long gap since I last posted. So much has happened and I am intent on drinking it all in and savouring all the details…even the not so fun ones. Packing up the last of my things, throwing out, selling off and handing over my home was far more difficult than I ever imagined,Continue reading “catching up on last summer…”

Berry Delicious and Puppy Love

Local strawberries are hard to find around these parts now, but 2 weeks ago we drove to the country side and made an emergency stop at one of the U-PICK farms. We filled our faces full of these little sweet treasures. For most of the year we live on semi-tasteless California grown berries, but itContinue reading “Berry Delicious and Puppy Love”

BOOK GIVE-AWAY….the American Way of Eating

Gian Ghomeshi


I was listening to an interview with the author, Tracie McMillan and Gian Ghomeshi a few weeks back and I was fascinated by the author’s year long undercover research into the topic of how food/produce travels fromt eh field to the table. 

the holy grail of butter cream frosting

I am on a quest for the best vanilla cupcake paired with the holy grail of BUTTERCREAM. With the plethora of cupcake shops out there this should be an easy task –but not so. Many bake shops excel at particular flavours but I have only found a couple of shops that has really delivered onContinue reading “the holy grail of butter cream frosting”

Father’s Day give-away!!!

There is a certain guy I know that decided to throw caution to the wind, travel far outside his comfort zone and have a life changing experience. If there is a man in your life that you are looking to inspire or if you want a vicarious life adventure then this is the book forContinue reading “Father’s Day give-away!!!”